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About Us

Our pro team consists of competitive ninjas, competing in UNAA, AWG, NNL and American Ninja Warrior. In addition to being competitive ninjas, the pro team also is involved in the local community - hosting free workouts and other activities in local neighborhood parks.

Meet the Team


Kat "Crash" Henschen

Kat Henschen is 44 years old, married and has 2 step-daughters and 7 grandkids. She has been training ninja since 2018. Kat found ninja when she asked God for a path when she was at her darkest point in her life and ninja ended up being the answer. Kat has a background in gymnastics and placed 6th at the 2019 AWG finals. She is also a 2019 UNAA worlds finalists. She is a super talented pet stylist who also enjoys horseback riding, cowboy mounted shooting, trick riding, kickboxing, trapeze and cyr wheel. Kat hopes to stay true to herself and her path and keep pushing herself. 


Jonathan Bean

Jonathan Bean is 33 years old, happily married and has one daughter. He has been training for several years and does it to challenge himself to new levels. Jonathan works in IT and enjoys ultimate frisbee and rock climbing in addition to ninja. He hopes to be a great father and role model for his daughter. 


Brandon Cox

Brandon is 29 years old and has been training ninja since 2016 and competed on American Ninja Warrior season 10. He enjoys ninja because it pushes him to his limits. Brandon works in a warehouse and also is a ninja coach at trainyard 317. Brandon was a semi-pro football player and also has a background in wrestling, track and tumbling. He also enjoys video games and solving Rubik's cubes. 

Brendan Hadden

Brendan is 18 years old and has been training ninja since 2018 and graduated high school in May of 2019. He has a background in track and competitive speed climbing. He placed 6th at 2018 UNAA worlds and loves any obstacles with big laches. His favorite part of being a ninja is the ninja community.



Amanda "lunch lady" O'dell

Amanda O’dell, better known as “the Lunch Lady Ninja” is 36 years old and a lunch lady for Decatur School as her name suggests. Amanda is married with 4 children. She has been training since 2018 and competed on season 11 of American Ninja Warrior, advancing to city finals her rookie year. She also qualified for 2019 UNAA worlds. Amanda hopes to inspire other moms to get out of their comfort zones and change their lives for the better. Amanda's favorite obstacles include the salmon ladder and devil steps. In addition to ninja she also enjoys cooking, drawing, petting dogs and cliff jumping. 


Amanda "joy" Farmer

Amanda Farmer is a 32 year old mother of 2 amazing kids, Trent and Jamie. She's been married to her beefcake husband Kyle for 15 years. She enjoys working around their farm and taking her family on adventures. While she is new to ninja, she has been into fitness her whole adult life and has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the local competition series. She recently took 1st place at both the AWG in St Louis at Ultimate Ninjas and Warrior Warehouse in Cleveland.


Megan Lambert

Megan is 26 years old and a personal trainer who started training ninja in 2018. She was a collegiate waterskier and high school sprinter and long jumper. She enjoys training ninja because it helps her conquer fears and get stronger both physically and mentally. She has a goal to win a national waterski competition. In addition to waterski and ninja, Megan enjoys traveling and teaching preschool class at her church. 


Alex "the professor" Bienz

Alex Bienz or better known as “the professor” is 33 years old and has been training ninja obstacles for four years. Alex has competed on American Ninja Warrior season 8, 10 and 11 and made it to city finals in season 8 and 10. He was also the runner up in trainyard’s ninja vs ninja competition and won Cooleys’ 2nd annual backyard ninja competition benefiting ovarian cancer research. Alex played collegiate tennis at Marian University in Indianapolis and is currently a high school math teacher. He enjoys playing board games, ultimate frisbee, pickleball, hiking and traveling. 


Erika "shinks" Shinkle

Erika is 26 years old and has been training ninja since 2018. She has a background in softball and swimming. Erika is a referral analyst. She hopes to continue to have fun with ninja, get stronger and continue to build confidence in herself. She also enjoys singing, painting and yoga. 



Jonathan Cooley

Jonathan is 34 years old and has been training ninja since 2014. He has competed on American Ninja Warrior in season 8, 10 and 11 - completing the qualifying course in his rookie year on season 8 and was again a city finalist in season 11 in Cincinnati . He has also made it to stage 2 of NNL finals and qualified for UNAA finals. He has a theology degree from Marian University and a J.D. from Indiana University. In addition to ninja, he also enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, flag football, board games and traveling with his wife, Jaqui and their dog Wrigley.