Upcoming Events

FINA Last Chance Qualifier

October 3rd- Kids; October 4th - Adults

Qualify for FINA Finals. This is a last chance qualifier for FINA Finals. There will be a speed course and endurance course. Do both or just one. Kids will run on Saturday. Adults on Sunday. $30 for one course or $50 for both. Sign up below:

6-8 - 10am check in
9-10 - 10 am check in
11-12 - 1:30pm check in
13-15 - 1:30pm check in

16-40 - 12:30pm check in
40+ - 10am check in
Heroes -active or veteran military, first responders - 10 am check in

Train Yard 317 Calisthenics Battle

September 26th


Do you love pull-ups, push ups, dips and all things body weight?! Come show off your skills and compete against like-minded fitness enthusiasts. This will be our first time hosting a calisthenics comp so it will be a learning process for us moving forward so your feedback and suggestions are very welcome. Rain or shine! In order to comply with state orders on capacity each athlete may only bring one spectator, NO exceptions. Cost is $25.
Please read the format of the competition and let us know if you have any questions!

There will be an intermediate and advanced division for men and women.
Each athlete will sign up for a time slot. We will assign you a wave within that time slot. You will be given a list of exercises that will have to be done in the order that it is given to you. You will have 1 minute to do as many reps as you can of each exercise with a 30 second rest before moving on to the next exercise. You will be allowed to drop off the bar and shake out if needed. At the end of the workout your score will be the total amount of reps you did. Each athlete will have a judge who will count reps for them. We will explain rules before each wave and what form will be counted as a rep or no rep. At the end of the day the top two males and top two females in each division will battle it out head to head in a top secret workout that will be sure to test your mental and physical strength.

List of exercises:
We are not releasing the order of the exercises, but below is a list of exercises that will be in each division.

Tricep dips

Bucket Squats

The list of exercises for Finals will be announced at 1pm right before the head to head battle.